Centre for Culture and Creativity for Children and Youth in Halychyna

After school educational institution for Children and Youth became the artistic treasure of young talents, where children develop their creativity, communicate and spend their free time. After school educational institution that is subject to the Education Department of the Lviv City Council and organizes creative work of the collectives of different genres of art, entertainment for children and youth and develop their creative initiative.
Centre for Culture and Creativity for Children and Youth in Halychyna (Pogulyanka) is a member of the European Association of Institutions of free time, it is working with many youth centres, and its work covers about 10,000 children, adolescents and youth of the city and the region, which employs more than 200 teachers. Centre for Children and Youth in Halychyna holds international, regional competitions and festivals of dance, drama and vocal art, competitions of technical creativity, sports tournaments and art exhibitions.
Free time in Centre it is a work of clubs for children and youth, the organization of summer camps, parties, excursions, sports and entertainment events.
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The department of communication and connection with the citizens

Objectives – the task of primary importance is a popularization of the activity of the Centre. Department of a strategy of development, communication and connection with the citizens was established in 2001. The development of the department started in 1988. At the same time the club of reporters was set up in Centre of creativity. In 1991-1993 this club was conversed into the School of journalism. In 1997 the School of journalism became the base of the department of journalism and publicity of the Centre.
There are 4 brunches in the structure of department:
  • The School of journalism;
  • Discussion club;
  • Armenian Sunday school;
  • Lithuanian Sunday school.
Discussion club
Objectives – a deep investigation in history, culture and customs of Ukraine and Europe; intellectual development of youth. Within the framework of “Intellectual games” occur tournaments: “Scho? De? Koly?”, “Moja gra”, “Debate”.
School of journalism
Objectives – prepare children to conscious choice of a profession of a journalist and to form necessary skills for reporter. In this brunch of department senior pupils are studying for 2 years. During this period they gain proficiency in a number of subjects: Ukrainian language, basis of journalism, practical journalism, photojournalism, English.
Practical part of studying is embodying in such publications as: “Visnyk”, “Razom”.
Lithuanian Sunday school
Objectives – this school is an educational centre of Lithuanian Diaspora in Lviv. Together with the Lithuanian community “Medejna” school keep old traditions of Baltic people. In the school children studying: the language history, culture and traditions of Lithuania. The community and school collaborate with Lithuania.
Armenian Sunday school
Objectives – to unite Armenians, those who emigrated from Armenia and those who already live in Ukraine for a long time. School has an instructive mission. Religion community of Lviv Armenian church supports the activity of the educational centre. Centre gives methodological help to new created brunches of Armenian school in different cities. In a school children study history, art and Armenian language.
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The department of fine and decorative applied arts

Objectives – development of esthetic tastes of children, preservation of the traditions of fine and decorative applied arts of Ukrainian people. The department holds thematic and personal exhibitions; organize master-classes and seminars for the supervisors of the clubs and schools of fine and decorative applied arts. After Ukrainian Independence a new branches of decorative applied arts had been opened in the department: pysankarstvo, vytynanka, appliqué from straw, braiding from natural materials, Ukrainian national doll and her clothes, and painting on the glass.
Pedagogues of the department, by working in the funds of Lviv museums, created interesting author programs, which children are study for nearly 10 years. School of fine arts “Art-design”, school “Gerdan” and also a clubs of weaving, wood craft, and painting on the glass, ceramics and pysankarstvo are working at the department.
Nearly 250 children are engaged in the clubs of the department. Department is an organizer of the regional competition from fine and decorative applied arts: “Talanty tvoyi, Ukrayino”.
The best works are showed on final exhibition and all winners get diplomas and prizes. The competition propagandizes the best examples of Ukrainian traditional art; attract children to keep and renew the works of national old masters; it finds talented children and youth and direct further development of their talent.
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The department of theatrical art and choreography

Objectives – to attract a lot of children for propagation of knowledge in a field of theatrical art and choreography.
The department conducts seminars for supervisors of the theatrical, singing and dancing groups. It conducts International festival-meeting of amateur children theatrical groups “Halyts’ka Mel’pomena”, “Posmishka Taliyi”. In our days nearly 400 children are engaged in the groups of the department. 
Brunches of the department:
Vocal and choreographic ensemble “Rushnychok”. The bases of the group are Ukrainian songs and dances, customs and rites, old games and folklore. Program of ensemble “Ryshnychok” consist of vocal and choreography (classical and folkdance), music and sol-fa, acting and ethnology. During the years of existence ensemble introduced Ukrainian art to the spectators of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Check Republic, Denmark, Turkey and Bulgaria on the international festivals and forums.
Musical and variety theatre “Pohulyanka”. Nearly 100 children are engaged in the theatre. There are young, preparatory and basic concert groups. Vocal, choreography and acting are the basic subjects in the theatre. Except the plays, pupils of “Pohulyanka” often appear on a stage of concerts and contests of folksong as individual singers. Actors of the theater for many times were on tour abroad and in Ukraine.
Drama folk theatre “We”. The basic trend of theatre’s work is a propaganda of Ukrainian and world drama. People 14-30 years old are engaged in the theatre. Here they study the basis of drama, plastic movements, scenography, choreography, visage etc. Main feature of the theatre is its self-sufficiency. Theatre collective is a co-organizer of international and regional competitions of amateur theatrical groups of Lviv schools. In 1999 theatre became a participator of international program “Ost-West”. The aim of this program is an intercourse of the youth of Western and Eastern Europe through the acquaintance of the society with the national cultures through the means of theatre.
Music and Poetry Theatre “Kryla”. Children of 10-18 years old are engaged in the theatre. Theatre makes literary and musical compositions and musical and poetic performances, personal performances. Theatre “Kryla” initiated a rubric “Zabuti imena”. With the help of this rubric people can hear, from the stage, the poetry of long forgotten Ukrainian poets.
Folklore-ethnographic studio “Svitlytsya”. Participants of the studio are studying folklore. In repertoire – theatrical musical and vocal programs, dedicated to the traditional calendar holidays and rites. The room of the circle is a small ethnographic museum. In “Svitlytsya” small children study Ukrainian folk games, songs; older children study Lemko, Boyko, Hutsul kolomyiky, Christmas carols and other folk ritual songs. 
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Department of technical creativity

Objectives – to give children a deep knowledge in the sphere of science and technology. Department organizes competitions in technical, electromechanical, radio engineering modeling, “Week of science and technology”, seminars for supervisors of the technical clubs. Department works as “Polytechnic School for children and youth”.
New modern tendencies of work were introduced at the department: computer laboratory, business school. These tendencies of work give good education and in future it helps children to continue studying in universities and collages and to find a good work.
Beginning level – (technical modeling, origami) – children study the history and tendencies of the technology. They put into practice the experience of technique picture and sketch; learn how to work with the scissors and fret saw; from the cardboard, paper and other materials they create three-dimensional fairytale castles, compositions of space and underwater world.
I level – (electromechanical modeling and technical design) children create models of the transport, moveable toys, etc. 
II level – (radio technical modeling and models of e-automation) children study the basis of radio engineering and radio installation, produce electronic devices. Children learn how to read electronic circuits, how to make them and how to use them in practice.
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Department of variety and classical art

Objectives – involve children and youth in the study of the best examples of Ukrainian and world classical music and development of modern children’s song and dance.
Department conduct: musical festival for children “Doshkoljaryk”, festival “Rizdvjani kanikuly”, festival “Pereveslo”, seminars for the supervisors of a singing and variety circles.
Department of variety and classical art unite a number of groups, such as:
  • Vocal studio “Bell canto” (N. Stolbina);
  • Folk chamber chorus for children and youth “Zhayvir” (N. Kozjar);
  • Musical studio “Dzerelo” (N. Savko);
  • Model ensemble of modern dance “Time-out” (O. Agapova);
  • Big band, VIA (A. Zupnyk);
  • Chamber orchestra (O. Trunko);
  • Vocal and choreographic ensemble “Vykrutasyky” (L. Sljusarchuk).
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Department of sports tourism and sports and health work

Objectives – development of physical culture, sport and tourism.
Department holds seminars for teachers; basketball competitions “Novi imena”, rhythmic gymnastics’ “Sribna lastivka”, and sport dance competition, speleological expeditions, etc.
Department has chess club named after Stain, school of sport dance, speleological club “Cyclone”, guide circle and circle of regional ethnography. Sections: rhythmic gymnastic, basketball, walking tourism, football, taekwondo, etc.
The aims of the department are:
  • Development of physical culture, sport and tourism;
  • Physical development, high physical training, sport and tourism skills.
Today nearly 400 people are engaged in the department. This department organizes different competitions in Pogulyanka
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Department of information and methodology

Objectives – theoretical and practical help for the workers of educational institutions in the organization of educational process, accumulation of information and publication of methodical manuals.
This department is a structural brunch of the Pogulyanka in ensuring methodical and scientific work, improvement of the content, forms and methods of activity of the groups, clubs and studios.
Methodical department has a right to methodical recommendations, folklore programs, programs of different kinds of art, of decorative applied art of the region, collection of translations or adaptations of a national repertoire, tasks for pupils of schools and extra-scholastic educational institution.
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School of Folkdance

Ensemble of folkdance “Serpanok”.
Objectives – to train children and youth with the help of music and dance.
School conducts seminars; organize concerts; conduct festival “Halyts’ki barvy” and international festival of folkdance “Karpats’ki vizerunky”.
In school children study rhythmic and dance, music, dance on the floor based on the system of B. Knyazev, classical dance, stage folkdance, the history of the choreography, visage.
The school of folkdance is the most numerous department of the Center. Repertoire of the ensemble “Serpanok” consist of the dances of different Ukraine regions: “Pryvital’nyy svyatkovyy”, “Veseli hutsulyata”, etc., playful dance “Povzunets’”, “Arkan”, “Rakivchanka”, “Gopak”, etc. And also folkdances of the world, classical and variety dances.
School of the folkdance is the International festival of the folkdance in Lviv – “Karpats’ki vizerunky”, and the regional festival of the choreography “Halyts’ki barvy”.
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School of early esthetic education “Ravlyk”

Objectives – a comprehensive and harmonious development of the child, the formation of consciousness by means of painting; the formation of artistic taste and cultural skills, ability to communicate with other children, activation of children’s creativity and intelligence.
The school’s work is based on the program that includes familiarization with the visual arts, drawing from memory, appliqué and rhythm, basics of singing and theatre, and English language.
Young teaching staff tries to solve the problem of comprehensive aesthetic development of preschool children (from 3-oh to 6 years) who do not attend kindergarten. Taken into account the age characteristics of pupils, they use in the classroom mainly game forms, illustrated stories and excursions.
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School of Cossack’s art

Objectives – to promote the full musical and aesthetic development of the student, the formation of his artistic taste and executive skills, enrichment of samples of musical creativity, teach the student playing the bandura. The school educates students on the best examples of Ukrainian national and cultural heritage; cherishes the love Ukrainian customs and traditions.
School holds: Seminars for directors of Bandurists, organizes concerts, and regional festival-competition of Cossack’s art.
The school study – music theory, technique of playing the bandura, Ukrainian folk songs, historical and sacred music. Training is conducted in two areas: vocal and choral and orchestral. The structure of school –Bandura Chapel “Dzvinochok” and the Bandura choir “Hamaliya”.
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