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Hostel (english)

In a charming corner of the city, in a forest area, in the Centre of Creativity for Children and Youth in Halychyna there is a children's touristic centre "Pohulianka", which receives pupils and students from different parts of Ukraine and outside its borders.

The hostel of touristic centre can simultaneously accommodate 46 people. They can stay at: four rooms for 8 people, two rooms for 4 people, one room for three, one - two, one - one person.

Bathrooms are on the floor. In the use of guests: refrigerator, television set, electric kettle. Estimated time in hostel - 12:00.

To know and understand Lviv you should visit it at least for a once. Lion, who fiercely guards the gate, is depicted on the ancient city emblem. Do not be afraid of him, because gate is wide open, which means that Lviv welcomes guests. Many colourful events and attractions await you in our city, which attracts tourists with the charm of old stone buildings, mysteries of Lviv yards, variety of architectural styles, secrets and legends of Lviv lions, amazing music in stone, aroma of real coffee and chocolate.

Children's tourist centre "Pohulianka" offers different walking and bus tours around Lviv and Lviv region, visiting museums, theatres, festivals, exhibitions and art events.

We wait for you at the Centre of Creativity for Children and Youth in Halychyna, Vahnyanyna Street, 29.


We conduct different tours around the city in Polish and English languages:

Medieval Lviv

You will see the Lviv Opera House, Dominican and Jesuit churches, visit the Armenian and Latin cathedrals. You will hear stories and legends about our city

Austrian Lviv

During the tour we will show you the most beautiful and most interesting buildings and places of Austrian period in Lviv: the oldest park in Ukraine, gorgeous Casino, Halyts'kyy Seym. You will see the great contribution of Austrian Empire into Lviv life.

Lychakiv Cemetry

Visiting the memorial museum under the open air, you will see the beauty of gravestones of the XVIII-XX c., Ukrainian and Polish military graves. You will hear many interesting stories from biographies of famous people who were buried on this famous necropolis.

Lviv Opera House

You can enjoy the gorgeous interior full with extraordinary paintings, marble decorations, beautiful statues, fantastic murals and listen to unforgettable stories about the famous opera singers in Halychyna.

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